32: From Arrogant, Homeless College Dropout To Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur With Greg E. Hill

He took 7 years to finish college. After some early entrepreneurial success, a major setback left him broke, homeless, and facing major depression for years. Today he travels the country as an author, speaker, writer, teacher, entrepreneur, and the host of the Minority Trailblazer Podcast, which has been downloaded over 100,000 times in countries all across the globe.
Proud to share the inspiring story of Greg E. Hill on the Daily Spark Podcast.


On today’s episode:

  • How poor decisions can be a catalyst and you can force yourself to succeed despite them.


  • Even if something is your fault, you can’t keep blaming yourself every day. At some point, you have to give yourself a break.


  • Learning that others don’t care about your shortcomings as much as you would imagine – You have permission to fail.


  • How to reframe your mind to make failure an asset.


  • How to focus on small goals and the things within your control as a recipe for bouncing back.


  • Sometimes you’re trying to get that “big reward”, and you’re not getting there, and you’re getting frustrated… but that’s because you’re not focussing on what you’re doing every day – posting on social media, sending emails, cold calling. But if you keep doing those things every day then it becomes inevitable that you’ll get that “big reward” – eventually.


  • How Greg found the concept for his podcast by focusing on what was missing in the market.


  • How Greg built his personal brand by reaching out to influencers and taking massive action on social media: he did a thunderclap, he engaged on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… he was everywhere. And, importantly, he studied these platforms. He tinkered with what worked and got rid of what didn’t. He didn’t get complacent and he never settled.


  • The importance of authenticity: If you create an authentic voice through your blog, podcast, or any kind of social media… people will want to support you. They’ll want to buy your stuff. They’ll want to read your blog or listen to your podcast. They’ll want to see you become successful.


  • The questions to ask yourself when trying to define your own personal brand


Where you can find Greg

Website – gregehill.com

Twitter – twitter.com/gregehill

Facebook – facebook.com/GregoryEHill

Instagram – instagram.com/gregehill

LinkedIn – linkedin.com/in/hillgregory

Email – greg@gregehill.com

Greg’s podcast – The Minority Trailblazer Podcast

Greg’s book on Amazon – Remember You’re A Genius Again


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