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How To Buy $2 For $1: Why I Started Paying For Traffic In My App Business

If I proposed to you that for every one dollar you pay me today, I will pay you two dollars in return tomorrow, how many dollars would you pay me? How many times would you take that deal?     While many people would rightly execute this arbitrage as many times as possible (think Royal Dutch/Shell in the 1980’s), when I first [...]

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35: How To Target Your Perfect Customer & Scale Into The Millions With Manol Georgiev

Coming from Bulgaria to the US with few connections in 2007, he found himself working 2 jobs in a completely unfamiliar world, a situation where most people might [...]

34: How To Create Billions & Live Life Without Limits With Billion Dollar Founder Tom Bilyeu

60 pounds overweight ✔️️ 990 of 1600 on the SATs ✔️️ Hyperactive & lazy ✔️️ Own mother expected him to fail ✔️️   Today he is [...]

33: How To Start & Build A Massive App Business If You Don’t Know How To Code

After sharing some incredibly inspiring stories from other successful entrepreneurs, I thought I’d share my own. I hope you can learn from my mistakes - and my [...]

32: From Arrogant, Homeless College Dropout To Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur With Greg E. Hill

He took 7 years to finish college. After some early entrepreneurial success, a major setback left him broke, homeless, and facing major depression for years. Today [...]

30: Top 5 Lessons From Interviewing 65+ Millionaire Entrepreneurs – Nathan Chan of Foundr Magazine

When he left an unfulfilling IT support job to go back to university and eventually start a digital magazine in his bedroom 3 years ago, I doubt he knew the extent of [...]

29: A Decade To Overnight Success – Jordan Harbinger Of The Art Of Charm

Shortly into his brief stint as a Wall St lawyer, he looked around at peers willing to work 20 hour days routinely and knew that he was in the wrong [...]

28: Motivating Millions, Fitness Entrepreneurship & Loving Yourself With No Reservations – Anowa Adjah

After graduating from Temple University and taking on 2 jobs to support herself, no setback was going to stop her dream of breaking into the fitness [...]

The Slight Edge – by Jeff Olson

The Slight Edge came along for me at exactly the right time... A time when I could really understand and grasp its message perfectly, because I had just seen the [...]

3: The ONLY Candidate Who Can Change Your Life with Ryan Daniel Moran of Freedom Fastlane

On our third episode, in the midst of political season here in the US, 8-Figure entrepreneur Ryan Moran shares his thoughts on the 5 steps to freedom, the formula for creating [...]

2: John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur On Fire on Failure, Snapchat, and Lessons from 1400 Interviews

On the second episode of the show, John Lee Dumas of the hit show Entrepreneur On Fire shares his thoughts on the power of failure, using Snapchat to connect with his [...]